Florence is a city to discover. From its incredible art to its exciting food scene, the city is bustling with places to see, restaurants to visit and things to do.

Florence is a city that unites history with modern day creativity. It is a city with the power to transform holidays into all around fantastic experiences.

At Novella House, we pride ourselves in offering our guests the possibility of truly experiencing Florence while staying in a prestigious property in our bewitching city.

Here at Novella House, we want to help our guests personalize their stay in our city as much as possible. For this reason we have created a blog so that we might share our experiences with you as people who live in the city, day in and day out.

The Mysteries of Palazzo Vecchio

Organizing a vacation in Florence is organizing an extraordinary holiday rich in mysteries. The glorious history of Florence has immortalized this city. The living...

4 museums for children in Florence

When travelling with children, it is always important to take time out of a sightseeing day to dedicate to the little people. ...

The most romantic spots in Florence

Florence is surely one of the most idealistic cities in the world to plan a romantic vacation. With its magical cobblestone alleyways, sunsets...

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