Florence Walking Itineraries

Florence not only offers its visitors artistic treasures, concerts and events. It offers an array of fascinating places to visit.

To help our guests discover the true character of our beautiful city, we have put together a few itineraries aimed at making your stay in Florence a memorable one.

  • Hard Walker Guide

    • This is a 10 km walk around the historical center.
    • If you like walking, this is your itinerary.
    • Length: 10 km

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  • Shopping Lovers Guide

    • An itinerary that will take you to luxury boutiques, artisian workshops and typical markets.
    • This itinerary is for those who want to mix culture and shopping.
    • Length: 4 km

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  • Families with Children Guide

    • See Florence through the eyes of children.
    • An ideal guide for the entire family to share special memories and emotions.
    • Length: 3 km

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  • Guida Soft

    • This itinerary is designed to guide you to the top attractions of this enchanting city.
    • Discovery the history of the city through its monuments in this non-stress itinerary.
    • Length: 2,5 km

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  • Art Lovers Guide

    • For art lovers, to discover the places, artists, operas and monuments that made great Florence.
    • for those who wants to fully enjoy the extraordinary artistic patrimony of Florence.
    • Lenght: 6,5 km

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  • Guide for lovers

    • A perfect itinerary for those who wants to experience romantic emotions in Florence.
    • For couples on vacation in Florence who wants totally enjoy romantic atmosphere of Renaissance city.
    • Lenght: 8 km

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  • Young People Guide

    • A dynamic and vigorous itinerary, suitable for young people who wants to fully enjoy the Renaissance city.
    • This itinerary combines art, culture, fun and good cuisine, designed for young and dynamic tourists.
    • Lenght: 2,5 km

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