4 museums for children in Florence

When travelling with children, it is always important to take time out of a sightseeing day to dedicate to the little people. For they too want to take home special memories of their time in Florence.

For this reason, we are happy to suggest a few places where both children and parents can join together for an exciting cultural experience.

Hand in Hand with a genius

The first stop on this ‘fun’ journey is Via dei Servi 66, Museo di Leonardo. Here you will be able to admire reproductions of the master Leonardo Da Vinci’s Renaissance machines. Apart from learning a bit of history about this genius, small reproductions of some of his gadgets are available for purchase.

History and Fun combined

Within the walls of Palazzo Vecchio (the old city hall) is one of the city’s finest children’s museums. Many activities and exhibitions are held in the multimedia room as well as the two theatres. Discovering the history of Florence is a great adventure for children and adults alike. Reservations are needed.


A Step into the Past

The Museum of Natural History is another museum we recommend visiting. The museum has various buildings around the city itself. We recommend the building on Via La Pira 4, dediated to Geology and Paleontology where numerous fossels and skeletons of prehistoric animals are housed. There lie the bones of “Pietro” an elephant of 4 meters found in the nearby Valdarno area.

A Look at the Stars

The last but surely not the least is the Planetarium in Via Giusti 29. Reservations are need to learn the secret of the stars and our solar system.

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