The most romantic spots in Florence

Florence is surely one of the most idealistic cities in the world to plan a romantic vacation. With its magical cobblestone alleyways, sunsets over the Arno river, mouthwatering dishes and splendid accommodations, Florence is truly a city for lovers.

So for those of you who are organizing a personal itinerary for your next trip to Florence, here are a few places that should be on your ‘must see’ list.

Florence from Bellosguardo

The name Bellosguardo (Beautiful View) says it all. One of Florence’s most famous hills, celebrated by poets and artists, the view of Florence from Bellosguardo is bewitching. With the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore dominating the city, and the distant Florentine hills as a backdrop, this breathtaking spot is a must see.

A Sweet Memory

Filling one’s heart is only one of the aspects of travelling as a couple, allowing oneself the delight of culinary emotions is another. And for those who didn’t know, Florence is renowned for its ‘sweet’ traditions. There are numerous longstanding pastry shops as well as chocolate makers. We highly recommend ‘Cioccolateria Hemingway’ in the San Frediano district of the city. A visit to ‘Arte del Ciccolato’ in piazza Santa Elisabetta is another must!


A Romantic Moment

Piazza Santo Spirito is considered the heart of Florence to many Florentines. This lovely piazza located in the Oltra’Arno district is a great place to enjoy a morning coffee while watching the locals chat with vegetable vendors at the open air market. During the spring and summer months the piazza hosts many concerts, markets and festivals.

The Rose Garden

Symbol of passion, the rose takes front stage at the beautiful Rose Gardens in the Oltrano district of Florence. It is the perfect spot to admire a breathtaking view of the city.

The play of colors of Ponte Vecchio

We conclude our mini-guide to the most romantic places of Florence with one of the favorite places by the couple. Indeed, there is nothing more romantic than watching the reflection nell’Arno of Florence historic buildings hand in hand Ponte Vecchio, while the setting sun paints the sky like a painting copyright.

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