We will offer you the trip to Florence

Florence is one of the world’s most sought after tourist destinations. People flock to our city by means of air, train, car, motobike and even bicycle. We are well aware of the cost involved in reaching our beautiful city by either of these means. For this reason, we at Novella House would like to help you get here. We will reimburse up to € 50 for bookings of € 500 or more.


Offer's details:

  • Bookings for a minimum of € 500
  • Overnight stay in rooms or apartments
  • We will reimburse up to € 50 the cost of your travelling expenses to get to our beautiful city
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This offer is aimed at those who would like to spend leisurely days visiting our city while maximizing their costs.


Offer valid for those staying in either Novella House rooms or apartments.

What do we offer

With any booking of € 500 or more, we pledge to reimburse the cost of getting to our city for a maximum total of € 50.


This offer is valid all year long but it is not valid together with other offers we might be promoting at the same time.

Book your holiday in Florence now.

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